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Prof. de Oliveira Pinto teaches individualised lessons while the rest of the participants is listening, corresponding to typical master classes. You ...read on  

Musikschule HSK "Zur Krone" OG02

Mon 21.08.2017 (10:00 - 18:00) - Fri 25.08.2017

Professor Slaatto accords private tutoring according to classical master classes, while the other course participants are listening. You will be given ...read on  

Musikschule HSK "Zur Krone" DG

Mon 21.08.2017 (10:00 - 18:00) - Fri 25.08.2017

The course addresses teenage and adult flute players, as well as students who would like to go musically and technically deeper into prepared ...read on  

Gymnasium Laurentianum; Historische Bibliothek

Mon 21.08.2017 (10:00 - 15:00) - Fri 25.08.2017

In this master class of Shirley Brill the clarinet students will be given single lessons and work on musical aspects and basics of playing techniques. ...read on  

Peter-Prinz-Bildungshaus, Forum

Mon 21.08.2017 (10:00 - 18:00) - Fri 25.08.2017

In this masterclass by Prof. Jonathan Aner the pianists and chambermusicians will work on aspects of interpretation, and also on playing techniques. ...read on  

Historisches Rathaus, Rittersaal

Mon 21.08.2017 (10:00 - 18:00) - Fri 25.08.2017

We will be working on a capella songs, but also songs accompanied by piano-music, always following the motto: It shall groove, it shall swing, it ...read on  


Thu 24.08.2017 (17:00 - 21:00) - Sun 27.08.2017

Clarinet workshop with GSA, JPT (clarinet) and PS (piano correpetition)

This course may interest amateur clarinetists of all ages, from slightly ...read on  

Peter-Prinz-Bildungshaus, E1

Thu 24.08.2017 (11:00 - 19:00) - Sun 27.08.2017

The experienced instructors of our Kunstsommer will give you insights into sound and forms of playing and provide hints for pianistic interpretations ...read on  

Historisches Rathaus, Rittersaal

Fri 25.08.2017 (14:30 - 18:30) - Sun 27.08.2017

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Collaborating with Jazzclub Arnsberg e.V. and Glen Buschmann Jazzakademie Dortmund, ...read on  

Gymnasium Laurentianum; kleine Turnhalle

Fri 25.08.2017 (13:00 - 18:00) - Sun 27.08.2017