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Course number: K102

Information: Boundless creativity with materials as acrylic paints, colour pigments, asches, marble flour, ink, coffee, shellac, glue, paint and collage material. Just try out and experiment! You can work abstract, linear and in large blocks. Spaces do interlock with one another, overlap and let differnt layers shine through.
It is recommended to work on a series from 3 up to 5 paintings same size parallel.

Costs: 119,00 €

Max. number of participants: 10

Date Time Street City
Mon 01.08.2022 10:00am - 5:00pm Birkenpfad 10 ehemalige Birkenpfad Schule - Kreativraum
Tue 02.08.2022 10:00am - 5:00pm Birkenpfad 10 ehemalige Birkenpfad Schule - Kreativraum
Wed 03.08.2022 10:00am - 5:00pm Birkenpfad 10 ehemalige Birkenpfad Schule - Kreativraum

Please bring: canvas, thin paper (e.g. chinese paper), paintbrush, palette-knife, acrylic paint, indian/china ink, paste, acrylic bond, electographic pens, oil pastels, palette or cardboard plate, glasses with screw caps, scissors, masking tape (3 cm), cloth and working-outfit.

Personal materials collection: Papers, newspapers, journals, patterned tissues, writing, texts, plywood panels ca. 60 x 80 cm as a pad for paperworks

Indications: If required, you can also work on Casanis wooden bodies in a three-dimensional way. A centralised buying is possible. Size: 20 x 20x 5 or alike

Course calender

678 9101112

June 2022

special course offers

Anmeldung möglich Musical-Workshop with Valerie Bruhn, Lemuel Pitts & Pascal Schweren (Pianist)
from 25.07.2022, Sauerland-Theater

fast ausgebucht
from 14.07.2022, ehemalige Birkenpfad - Schule - Kreativraum II

Anmeldung möglich FLUXUS - RUMORS: Art in textform for people, who are not searching for art
from 28.07.2022, ehemalige Birkenpfad Schule - Kreativraum

auf Warteliste Clarinet Master Class with Prof. Jens Thoben
from 30.07.2022, Sekundarschule - Musikraum

Anmeldung möglich Jazz, you never walk alone - Jazz-Ensemble & Improvisation
from 05.08.2022, Sekundarschule Arnsberg