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© Fotografie: Simone Rahn

Course number: K110

Information: Dusty - rich of pigments - crustaceous. Flat- floating- flexible. We’re building areal structures and will therefore orient ourselves towards photos of nature and landscapes.
For inspiration we will look closely at surfaces that are marked by traces of time while wanting to create abstract depths and casual, conceptional paintings. Our working process is divided in three different phases: At first we work to get a basis, using collages, writings, etc.
As a second step we apply structure in layers so it achieves an effect of accommodation:
Colour pigments, aggregates as ash, sand, rust, coffee grounds, marble flour or wooden flour come into operation.
At last glaze in acrylic paint and Indian/Chinese ink will give the painting the final touch.

Costs: 29,50 €

Max. number of participants: 8

Date Time Street City
Sat 17.07.2021 1:30pm - 5:00pm Birkenpfad 10 Birkenpfad Schule - Kreativraum

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Please bring: Please ask the instructor via mail for a list of materials. If required, you can also (pre-)order canvas: (info@malschule-warstein.de).

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April 2021

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