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© Fotografie: Anja Neuendorf

Course number: P-A1015

Information: Experimenting and trying out:
On the first evening we will structure a canvas with putty, some of which will be self-made. After letting it dry overnight you will do the colour design with acrylic colour and ink. A lot of new exciting effects will arise, some are abstract, others precisely planned.
The course also addresses beginners.

Costs: 42,50 €

Additional costs: ca. 20,00 € to be paid to the instructor, depending on usage

Max. number of participants: 7

Date Time Street City
Fri 16.10.2020 5:00pm - 7:00pm Birkenpfad 10 Birkenpfad Schule - Kreativraum
Sat 17.10.2020 1:00pm - 6:00pm Birkenpfad 10 Birkenpfad Schule - Kreativraum

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Please bring: Old clothes or Painting apron.