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Course number: K104A

Information: Together we design your very own Booklet. You can let off steam with different materials on your booklet cover and learn step by step how to bind your own Sketchbook with needle and thread. You can let yourself be inspired by a few examples and I will help you to put your own idea into practice.
How you want to fill your Notebook is entirely up to you. Whether as photo album, friendship book, sketch book, or to hold spontaneous ideas or secret recipes, everything is permitted. So go crazy and make something out of it!
Brutal beginners as well as experienced brush swingers are invited to participate in the workshop. The booklet has a DIN A 5 format at the end

Costs: 30,00 €

Additional costs: Per booklet there are additional 5€ material costs. You should bring it with you in cash.

Max. number of participants: 8

Date Time Street City
Fri 23.08.2019 3:00pm - 5:30pm Alter Markt 10 Buchhandlung Sonja Vieth e.K.

Please bring: 2 - 4 canvas on wooden frame (size 50x70 to 120x140), acrylcolours (magenta, yBrush, sketch paper, pencil, eraser, water cup, a ruler, a few favourite pencils, scissors, glue, a thick sewing needle, good mood and a good portion of curiosity.

Age from: 11 Years