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© Fotografie: Alexandra Voelker

Course number: K121

Information: You are a huge manga and anime fan and always wanted to get a glimpse of how they are drawn professionally? Then you’re perfectly right at Alexandra Völker’s manga drawing course!
For a start we learn the basics of manga art. It doesn’t matter if elves, vampires or other cute manga-monsters: you can really experiment with different materials. To reach great colour results we start with watercolour, which will be our focus on the first day. On the second day our creatures are drawn onto screens. Even your favourite character can be put there. Many different materials and colour tubes in all requested colours are available.
On our third day we work three-dimensional. We fold origami figures and try diverse pop-up techniques so as to your manga creatures are presented in a new and unique way!

Costs: 59,00 €

Max. number of participants: 16

Date Time Street City
Sat 17.08.2019 10:00am - 1:00pm Feauxweg 26 - 28 Sekundarschule - Zeichenraum I
Sun 18.08.2019 10:00am - 1:00pm Feauxweg 26 - 28 Sekundarschule - Zeichenraum I
Mon 19.08.2019 10:00am - 1:00pm Feauxweg 26 - 28 Sekundarschule - Zeichenraum I

Please bring: Pencil case, square, a Din A3 folder for your paintings, if you want to work with a sketchbook you should bring one; if not we have normal paper to practice on, a canvas (not too expensive, Din A3 or Din A2, whichever you want to try) and you favourite manga books (please not more than 5).

If there are any questions left concerning materials, plaes contact: xela002@web.de; subject matter: Manga in Arnsberg

Age from: 10 Years

Documents regarding the course: