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Course number: K612

Information: The Workshop "Jazz, you never walk alone" is a cooperation with Jazzclub Arnsberg e.V. and Glen Buschmann Jazzakademie Dortmund.
The main focus of the 2019 workshop volume will be addressing those interested in the courses that have been most successful in the preceding years: Big Band, Jazz Combo, Jazz Improvisation. New are Jazz Improvisation Masterclass & Vocal Jazz.
Besides the professional teachings, the communicative exchange, getting to know the fellow musicians as well as the interplay and work in the various ensembles are central to the workshop. In the course of these interactive and social processes, basic elements of improvisation and various stylistics are brought forward and learned.
This year the workshop offers instrumental lessons for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass (electric/upright), drums, piano/keyboard and guitar. Other instruments such as transverse flute and clarinet are more than welcome and can easily be incorporated into the workshop.
According to the particulars stated in the registration survey, the individual skill levels and musical goals of the participants will be taken into serious consideration to ensure a flexible, individual coaching of each musician. Also the ensembles themselves are constructed to adapt to the individual levels of the participants. According to the individual prerequisites, also the theory courses focus on the basics of improvisation or rather advanced concepts of improvisation.

The registration survey will be downloadable soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Uwe Plath.
Uwe Plath, Handy: 0179 2228221
E-Mail: uwplath@web.de

Costs: 109,00 € Students of Musikschule HSK 10 % reduction

Max. number of participants: 70

Date Time Street City
Fri 23.08.2019 1:00pm - 6:00pm Feauxweg 26 - 28 Sekundarschule Arnsberg
Sat 24.08.2019 10:00am - 6:00pm Feauxweg 26 - 28 Sekundarschule Arnsberg
Sun 25.08.2019 10:00am - 6:00pm Feauxweg 26 - 28 Sekundarschule Arnsberg

Please bring: amplifier / Keyboards / Drumsets etc. and further required accessories as well as all other Instruments.

Requirements: Please specify your E-Mail-Address, fill in the the registration survey and send directly to Uwe Plath (uwplath@web.de).

Indications: Registration for bass and drums will have priority.
Bands will recieve bandcouching, if they wish.

Teacher-Concert: Friday, 23.08.2019 at 8 pm
Sitzungssaal Bezirksregierung Arnsberg, Seibertzstr. 1, 59821 Arnsberg

Final Workshop-Concert: Sunday, 25.08.2019 at 6 pm
KulturSchmiede, Apostelstr. 5, 59821 Arnsberg

Documents regarding the course: