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© Fotografie: Dagmar Otte-Wiese

Course number: K107

Information: Open air an abstract painting of the scenary at the river Ruhr will be painted. Acryl-, oil-, and gouache-colours are possible. The colours will be applied in swab and scraper technique. In the art of modern painting a picturesque impression on canvas is created.
For excamples: www.pinterest.de/KuhlenKunst/abstrakte-landschaften/.
In rainy weather the course will take place indoor and participants will use landscape photographs.

Costs: 65,00 €

Max. number of participants: 8

Date Time Street City
Sat 24.08.2019 10:00am - 4:00pm Feauxweg 9 Sauerland-Theater

Please bring: 2 - 4 canvas on wooden frame (size 50x70 to 120x140), acrylcolours (magenta, yellow, blue - each in light and dark shade; cadmiumred, ocher, white, black),
palette knifes im L or XL, smaler plastic spatula, painter's palette, aluminum foil, spray bottle for water, smudge, Scotch-Britt sponges, smoothing trowel, rubber gloves, bucket.
Landscape photographs will be at hand; participants may bring their own as well.

Age from: 16 Years