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Course number: K220

Information: Bags in their variety are an appealing artwork in wetfelting. You can choose from tiny smartphone case to big shopper. Intergrating other materials and applying different techniques opens up a variety of design options.

Costs: 139,00 €

Additional costs: Costs for material to be payed to the instructor.

Max. number of participants: 10

Date Time Street City
Fri 23.08.2019 10:00am - 6:00pm Feauxweg 9 Sauerland-Theater: An der Ruhr
Sat 24.08.2019 10:00am - 6:00pm Feauxweg 9 Sauerland-Theater: An der Ruhr

Please bring: Wetfelting utensils:
Bowls - one small and one big, terry cloth towels, cotton or linen sheet with smooth fabric, bubble wrap as underlay (2 x 1m) and for the pattern (ca. 90 x 60cm), nylon curtain or mosquito net, soap (e.g. curd soap or olive soap), scissors, cardboard, tape, a sewing kid, pliers, writing utensils.
Missing material can be acquired from the instructor.

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Steine am Teich

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